Notable cases include:

1998 Successfully represented two asylum seekers charged with rape where the complainant died before the trial. Nonetheless, the prosecution continued with the case but offered no evidence on the first day of trial. R v F See Daily Mail 16.2.98;

2000 Multi-million pound duty evasion fraud investigated by the National Investigation Service which disclosed that the NIS had effectively connived at the widespread illegal sale of duty free spirits from warehouses in England involving a loss in revenue in the region of £2 billion. R v E See Sunday Times 11.2.2000;

2002 Represented one of the men held for murder during the hunt for a missing gay Rabbi. See Evening Standard 12.7.2002.

2002 Represented a member of a gang which planned to kidnap Victoria Beckham and her two children. R v K See News of the World 2.11.2002;

2003 IRA bombings. Represented two of the real IRA bombers at the police station and conducted the preparation of their case. These were the 2001 BBC White City, Ealing and Birmingham bombings. R v H. See Daily Mail 9.4.2003;

2008 Represented 5 members of a Tamil gang who hacked to death a member of an opposing gang after a chase in South London. R v N, K, M, R, S. See Wandsworth Borough News 23.4.2008;

2012 Represented one of the defendants in the Banaz Mahmoud “honour killing”. The case involved complex issues relating to the two defendants’ extradition from Iraq. R v H and others. See BBC News 10.11.2010;

2013 Represented defendant charged with murder where gait evidence was relied upon by the prosecution. R v H and others. See Enfield Independent 27.4.2012.