If you’re threatened with or are worried about a criminal charge, it will understandably send your mind spiralling. What will happen next? What can I do to help? Where do I need to go to find the best advice? For everything that happens in your criminal case, make sure you rest your trust in a professional criminal solicitor in London.

Criminal Defence Specialist, Shahnaz Sargent, is a fully-trained, highly-specialised and friendly legal expert who can guide your case from the first call to the final decision. One call made to Criminal Defence Specialist will put you in touch with an individual who has gained over 15 years of professional experience in defence cases.

Why trust in Criminal Defence Specialist in your time of need?

Throughout the years, Shahnaz has become a leading criminal defence solicitor who has helped to guide individuals through this worrying time. Her work spans across many different disciplines such as GBH, rape, murder, sexual offences, and false accounting.

As a professional criminal solicitor in London, you can put your faith in Criminal Defence Specialist to find the right solutions for you. Shahnaz can also speak fluently in Urdu and Punjab.

You can put your faith Criminal Defence Specialist, Shahnaz, to guide you through the myriad of challenges in your path.

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