For the most serious criminal charges, cases and offences, it’s vital that the right representation is found. Not only to ensure that the case is dealt with professionally, but to make sure that each side of the judicial process is adhered to. At Criminal Defence Specialists are regarded as one of the top criminal law firms in London that can offer you the support you need.

Shahnaz Sargent will give you the specialist help and advice that your case requires to see it unfold in the most appropriate way possible. Whether you’ve been unknowingly involved in a crime or you’re looking to secure the help of a professional for the crime that you’ve committed, you won’t be treated differently at Criminal Defence Specialists.

A professional representative for your serious criminal case

To become one of the top criminal law firms in London, Shahnaz Sargent uses her 27 years’ experience as a defence solicitor to guide your case from start to finish. Criminal Defence Specialists will help you from the first moment you’re taken into the police station all the way through to the final sentencing.

From the first moment you speak with Shahnaz Sargent, you’ll know that you’ve found a competent individual who will put your case front and centre.

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