I qualified in 1990 and specialise in representing people charged with serious criminal offences. After practising for 4 years as a barrister I qualified as a solicitor in 1994. In my experience your case depends upon the kind of representation you receive at the start of your case at the police station and how well it is prepared.

I specialise in representing people at the police station and I have 27 years of experience of attending and representing clients arrested for the most serious offences at the police station. Legal advice at the police station is free. But remember you can ask for your own solicitor or if attending by appointment you can attend with your solicitor.

If you have been charged with a criminal offence or receive a charge in the post it means you are required to attend court. This will always be the magistrates’ court. You might be eligible for “Legal Aid”. If you or both you and your partner in a year have a total income before tax or any other deductions of more than £12,475 a year then you would not qualify for legal aid. In the Crown court you might qualify for legal aid depending on your earnings. However you have the right to instruct a solicitor privately to prepare your case.

I have 27 years’ experience of representing clients charged with Fraud, murder, kidnapping, serious sexual offences, robbery and major drug importations.

Every case is important to me and if you instruct me you will have the benefit of my expertise in preparing your case from start to finish. Hence you will have continuity in the preparation of your case.
I have expertise in representing private clients who do not want to go through the whole process of being charged by the police in the first place. This means making representations to the police at an early stage and giving them all the information so they investigate the defence case at an early stage and speak to all the witnesses particularly those that may assist your case. If the police speak to your witnesses you are entitled to have your solicitor present.

If you are charged then I usually work with Foundry Chambers.

The benefit you have in dealing with me is that I will walk with you from the start of the case to the end. You will not end up dealing with 10 different people and having to explain to them what your case is about.

You will have your own dedicated solicitor, and I will explain each of the steps to you. If you do unfortunately end up being charged I understand it is a scary prospect of going to court and understanding the various stages of the hearing. You won’t be doing this on your own. I represent all my clients in the magistrate’s court and ensure suitably qualified Barrister whom you have met and discussed your case with before attends the Crown court with you. Although most solicitors don’t attend the Crown court with their client because it is not cost effective I always attend because I think it is very important that you feel comfortable with the process you are undergoing.

I am a solicitor registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority. I work as a consultant for HE LAW LTD www.hollingsworthedwards.co.uk

If you wish to instruct me on a case please contact 020 3397 4795